Building Value

As advisors, our role does not stop with recommending an investment to the funds that have retained us. We believe in striving to build value for our clients by engaging with companies across a gamut of activities.

A sampler that provides select activities that we have undertaken to build value is as below.

Assistance in Post-merger integration efforts
Integration of acquisition in record time
Introduction to institutional investors
Investment by a marquee fund, enabled part-exit to MCIF
Arranged Promoter funding for Preferential offer
Increased proximity to Promoters. Event seen as a vote of confidence in the company.
Hosted an investor conclave for CEO
Increased investor interest and awareness of the stock
Introduction to bankers for fund-raising
Successful QIP issue – heavily oversubscribed
Introduction to GCC based investor groups
Potential large clients for the company
Big 4 Auditor Selection & Appointment
Increased Corporate Governance and market credibility
Presenting Global M&A targets
Potential for global expansion
Business Development
Increased growth / revenues for the company
Support social initiatives of Founder
Proximity with the Promoter. Connect in an informal setting
Helped improve EHS Standards at plants
Better self-image and better working environment
Implementing Board processes and systems
Improved compliance, robust processes to guide business